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We Specialize In Fixing Broken Websites

We know that money is tight right now for everyone. If you paid for a website that is not working properly we may be able to repair it and save you the headache of having to start all over. At a minimum, we can move your text and graphics to a new platform. Let us take a look under the hood.


Current Clients

Kennedy's Sausage Company http://www.kennedyssausageonline.com http://www.kenneyssausage.net


Company Contact Information

Local office is at:

555 S. 30th St. Heath OH, 43056

Phone: (740) 788-6034


The Mac Group is a full spectrum Internet Marketing company

Our clients experience the benefits of a broad marketing approach when combining Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The Mac Group organizes, establishes, and manages the web presence of clients both local and national.